How To Write Attractive Emails For Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Despite the controversy surrounding emails, mainly regarding their effectiveness and obsoleteness, data clearly shows that emails are still one of the most effective digital marketing tactics, performing even better than websites, according to statistics portal Statista.

Another survey of 275 marketing professionals from around the globe showed that, besides being quite effective, emails are still relatively easy to execute (see MarketingCharts).

However, these statistics cannot really guarantee that your emails will be just as effective and yield such good results. Sometimes even the successful companies are at a loss when it comes to creating great emails.

If you want to make sure that you’ve done everything in your power to make your email campaigns as effective as possible, you can listen to the advice from experienced copywriters and internet marketers. And here is what most of them recommend:

  1. Write attractive subject lines

Spend some time coming up with a good subject line. Subject lines are one of the crucial things that will determine whether your email will even get opened in the first place.

What has also shown to give amazing results is giving some sort of promise to your subscribers. For example, tell them that your email will help them solve a particular problem or make their lives easier in general.

Think of the main benefit or the main pain point that your audience has, and try to create a headline around that.

A good strategy to follow is to create an information gap in your subject lines. Tell them just enough to pique their interest without revealing the crucial information.

I’m not talking about click-bait-like subject lines here. Not only do they look unprofessional and tacky, but they will also put off your audiences and maybe even prompt them to unsubscribe. And that’s the last thing you want your subscribers to do.

  1. Write captivating opening lines

Opening lines can be just as effective and persuasive as subject lines. They follow subject lines in your inbox and give a sneak peek into what your audience can expect to read in the email.

Even though most of your subscribers are aware that your emails are automated, it still doesn’t hurt to make them more personal. One of the best and most common ways of doing this is to address your subscribers by their first names.

It’s a form of personalization and it can do wonders since it establishes a connection between the sender and the subscriber.

  1. Mind the email length

So here’s the thing. The general rule of thumb is that emails should be shorter rather than longer.

There are some instances when long emails work really well, but those are true rarities – exceptions that prove the rule.

It can all depend on the type of audience you have, but since affiliate marketers are not dating, marketing or health gurus, for example, there’s really no need to write lengthy emails.

Just think of your own reading habits. When was the last time you read a lengthy blog post, article or email in its entirety? The chances are it’s been a while and maybe even never.

Because of that, make it a point to write shorter emails.

Your content could be top-notch, but if you’re writing a blog post instead of an email, it’s not going to get read.

No one’s going to bother reading 300+ words email unless they’re really devoted followers. You’ve managed to get them to open your email, now make them stay by providing content that’s user-friendly, concise and straight to the point.

  1. Make your paragraphs shorter

The idea here is similar to the one in the previous section. Smaller paragraphs have a higher likelihood of being read than the lengthy ones.

But not only that, shorter paragraphs provide more clarity and organization to the overall outline and are easier to read.

Just think of a 150-word email written in multiple short paragraphs vs. 150-word email written as one or two big chunks of text. The second email wouldn’t be appealing in the least.

It doesn’t have to be one sentence – one paragraph ratio. Just find a good balance between the two as well as your own style of writing, and I’m sure you’ll come up with a winning combination.

  1. Create scarcity and urgency

You’ve seen this marketing strategy used countless of times before. Phrases such as ‘Available while the stocks lasts’, ‘Grab it while you can’ or ‘only 7 days left’… you get the point.

The same strategy could be applied to email marketing as well. Think about your own offer and your particular niche and see how and where you could incorporate these powerful marketing tricks to prompt your subscribers to act faster.

  1. Have a clear idea for a CTA

You have to be aware of what you want your subscribers to do after reading your email even before you sit down to write it.

Knowing this will tell you how you can structure your emails and make a natural segue into a closing section.

You need to be 100% clear as to what you would like your subscribers to do. They mustn’t be unclear as to what they will get or what they will be agreeing to once they click on your CTA. Otherwise, they’d feel disappointed, annoyed, or even deceived.

Don’t let them leave that easily without clicking on that CTA when you’ve managed to jump through all these hoops and get them to read your entire email. Make those final sentences count.

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